We Enjoy Caring For Our Youngest Patients


BABY TEETH MAY BE TEMPORARY, but they’re certainly not “practice teeth.” Your child’s early dental care is so incredibly important!

Baby Teeth Are Essential To Future Development

Baby teeth perform many functions, including:

  • Ensuring proper nutrition through chewing and eating
  • Aiding in speech development
  • Holding suitable space for permanent teeth to come in even and healthy
  • Creating the groundwork for good dental habits

Your Child’s Dental Foundation Matters Right NOW

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children come to the dentist by one year of age. The purpose of the early dental visit is for kids to establish a “dental home” and become comfortable in the dental office. That way, if there is ever a need for future dental work, the child is already comfortable in the office.

We’re Experienced Working With Children

Being a Pediatric Dental Specialist, we specialize in treating kids! We have techniques such as “Tell, Show, Do” and other ways of helping kids and making their experience in our office fun!

Let Us Know If Your Ever Have Questions

We want to be your go-to resource whenever you have questions about your family’s dental care. We look forward to seeing you and your child soon!

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